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    Hi all,
    With the recent addition of the La-2a model I have found myself wanting to do compressor stacking within the dlive (Like in a studio). Like sending my vocal through the PL76 (1176) then through the la-2a to achieve a super smooth yet strong compression. I think it would be great (if possible) to have assignable dynamics so this can be done. For example, replace the gate with a compressor. On vocals the gate is never used, but two compressors would be great. Im not sure if the dlive dsp is even capable of this, but it would be awesome! Any other thoughts like this?

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    I prefer using a group for additional compression myself. Using the fader to push more or less into the group compressor, and avoiding too severe compression in stage monitors.

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    It would be great to use one of the channel inserts for a standard compressor.

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    Agree. another application would be to have one compressor self keyed, with another side chained. at the moment we can either use the DYN8 on an insert, or route to a group. another more roundabout way might be to route the IP direct out to a physical port, then patch that back into an input if the total mix count is an issue. it would be nice if input channels could be routed back into another input (just like mixes can be routed into an input).


    Run Live Professor and UAD Plugs on a Satellite. Problem solved!

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    Upvote for compressor as an insert.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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