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    Would be great to see the channels strip – especially the Insert point position possibilities 🙂
    Also a block diagramm would be great.
    Is there somewhere a plugin list, we can chose from?
    What is the official workaround for the situations where
    More faders ar needed than 36? It was written somewhere, that even two
    Controller surfaces could be connected to the DSP engine.
    Is this then a possible solution for those situations?
    How about cascading the output busses, and some control
    Functions like solo, sends on Fader etc?
    That could be great even for thecase if two DSPs and two surfaces would be
    In use for more faders and more IOs and more FX / Plugins…



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    Sends on fader is a central tenet of A&H digital mixers. Other companies advertise it as some sort of luxury item..

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    workaround for the situations where
    More faders ar needed than 36?

    Same as most digital mixers including iLive – banks of faders are available, all channel strips on any layer can be user defined to whatever layout is preferred. You can use Editor at the same time or other controllers/midi – but no you can’t connect two surfaces to one mix-rack at product launch. See Nicola’s reply here:

    But Wait – Theres more (I Hope!)

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    Nicola A&H

    The dLive S7000 has 36 faders into 6 layers, this gives you 216 programmable fader strips.
    Can you describe the user case for more faders? Is it for dual operator use?

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    Hi Nicola,

    yes dual operator use.
    Big orchestra plus rock band
    Or big orchestra plus lots of head microphones plus choir etc.
    Also, please have a look on the other parts of the original questions please 🙂
    For example it would be important to have insert point after the pre fader aux send, but still before the fader – monitor mix using vocal rider inserted for a channel going to all other band members (post fader aux send), but for himself without vocal rider (pre fader aux send)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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