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    I would like some clarification with regards to the operation of the channel Direct Out follow fader / follow all option.

    When either of those options are enabled, which fader moves will actually affect the direct out level? Is it affected when adjusting the level with either mix selected on the channel itself or a bus that the channel is part of?

    Unfortunately, as far as I can see, the manual does not clarify this.

    Touch the drop-down menu to select the Global Direct Output Source. This
    setting affects all channel Direct Outputs and can be set to Post Preamp, Post LPF,
    Post Gate, Post Insert A Return, Post PEQ, Post Compressor, Post Insert B Return,
    Post Delay.
    ⚙ Hold down Setup and touch anywhere in the Routing screen to access further
    options for the Direct Out including Follow Fader, Follow Mute and Follow All
    (DCA/Mutes, Ch Fader/Mute)

    dLive firmware reference v1.92 pg41

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    KeithJ A&H


    ‘THE’ fader is the channel send level to the main LR mix.
    This is the fader referenced by pre/post fader and for any follow fader options, including the direct out.

    With follow ch fader and follow ch mute on, the direct out will be affected by channel fader (send to main LR) and channel mute.
    With follow all on, the direct out will affected by these and any DCA or Mute group changes which affect the channel.


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    Hi Keith

    Thanks for the info.

    If I understand it correctly then, does that mean that if the input channel is unassigned form the main LR bus, then the fader position will have no effect on the direct out send level?

    The reason I am asking, is because with an immersive audio system like the L-Acoustics L-ISA system, the input channels need to be sent to the controller directly, to be used as individual objects. In that case there is no need for bus mixing. I would think then, to be able to use the follow options, then leave the input channels assigned to the main LR bus, but just don’t route it to any output.

    As a side question to this, do the FX return channels have a direct out option, or would they have to be routed to an input channel to get direct out?

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    LR-assignment does not matter at all.

    FX-returns can of course,as everything else, be routed to whereever they may have to.

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