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    Hi when the Qu-16 is loaded up with inputed and outputs is is just about impossible to turn off!

    Might sound stupid but already starting to get annoying!

    Love the mixer though!!

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    How about plugging it into a power strip then turning the strip on/off? Kind of hard for them to retool the case to move the switch. That is kind of etched in stone or steel as it were 🙂

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    I rather like the fact that it’s difficult to get at. One less temptation for the drunk punter (who is going to sign the band up and turn them into stars, just after they’ve done a free gig for his girlfriend’s birthday party next week, blah blah blah….. hey that’s freaky, that slider moved on it’s own, how does it know when to do that man? blah blah blah…..)

    I also like the lock function, & my headphones 😉

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    Move the power button, Come on Dude get for real, Unless I am wrong here, this is a place to ask A & H about future upgrades to the firmware/software.

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    I hope this was a joke. Lol.

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    No joke, but a silly question

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    Hey guys, relax…. I wasn’t expecting them to change anything really but it was merely an observation and yes I use a power bar!! lol!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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