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    we have a C3500 with DM0 running firmware v1.98. this was installed last summer and recent began having this issue.
    we’ll notice when a button is pressed there is a lag of a second or two before the Surface responds.
    Over the next few minutes this time lag increases to several seconds and longer. we’ve timed one lag at 4 minutes.
    During this time audio processing continues to occur although no changes can be made on the surface.
    Eventually the surface becomes completely non-responsible and we have to power cycle it.
    The DM0 shows no errors.
    Once the reboot completes the Surface operates normally. It has been a few minutes to a few hours before the next event occurs.
    This started about 3 weeks ago. There have been no changes to the equipment connected to the control network.
    Log have been sent to A&H and are awaiting their review.
    Perhaps has anyone else seen this behavior?

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    Mathias Thunbo

    What equipment do you have connected to the control network?

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    I would suggest checking two things. First, make sure you are using a shielded ethernet cable that is Cat5e or higher rated. You must use shielded cables to work reliably. Second, double check your network settings. If there is a conflict or if devices are set to DHCP and there is no DHCP server located, it can definitely cause connection issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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