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    To all the Apple purists out there I’m sorry…I really hate Apple. I bought an i-pad just to be able to run the QU-Pad app since it can’t run on an Android tablet. I didn’t know squat about Apple & now I’ve been burned.

    The app got updated to Version 1.81 sometime last week and as I have not updated the Qu-32 from Version 1.7 the app no longer works. I didn’t know I had to manually turn auto updates OFF, and there doesn’t seem to be any way of protecting just one app. This really sucks.

    Anyway, I have searched and searched the archives here, but can’t find an answer to this rather basic question:

    Is there any way to download and install version 1.7 of the QU-Pad app from anywhere?

    The Apple store shows previous versions, but does not allow you to select them for download.

    I really hadn’t planned on updating the board yet as I read there were some problems with the release and wanted to wait until everything is truly stable & bug free. (That, and I REALLY don’t feel like being forced to mess with a password every time I start the board up).


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    Do the latest up date Steve
    It works fine!
    And I do not use a password everytime I turen on the board?
    Sometimes its just easier to go with the flow instead against the tide.

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    No problems. Just update the console to 1.82.

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    I’ve been using new update on both qu24 and iPad. All works fine.

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    In this instance I think it’s a safe upgrade.

    For future go to settings….
    Then iTunes & App Store

    Then turn off Updates…

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