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    We recently purchased several dLives for news broadcasts and other broadcast duties and I was wondering if we could get a couple features for that type of use.

    A Way to get the headphones knob to control the PFL buss.

    A DIM function for the PFL buss and a soft key option for it.

    A way to label physical inputs and outputs and DX and IO card ins and outs.

    A Softkey option to generate voltage on a GPO while pushing said soft key… (To fire effect units and DigiCarts)

    Separate Direct Out Pick Points Per Channel

    Moveable Insert Points (I’d like to use insert A Send as a separate direct out if needed but it would have to be post-PreAmp.)

    A Mix Minus Option for busses… Either a Buss that can only have one channel routed to it and then it automatically makes it an Mix Minus or if it acts like a normal aux and just turns everything else on and to unity and turns a single channel off.
    Thanks for all you do!

    dLive is an awesome platform!


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Justin,

    Some good suggestions there but I thought I would add a few comments:

    – The headphone knob is an analogue pot, it can only control the local headphones output. Have you had a look at the IEM fader strip for level control of a PAFL output? The name can be misleading, essentially this is a fader controlling the stereo, patchable IEM output, and fed by the PAFL bus.

    – DIM function. I know some users patch PAFL back to an Input channel for ducking, or into a Matrix for summing with comms / shout lines. Maybe worth looking at.

    – Labelling of DX and I/O Ports is scheduled for V1.9 firmware.

    – GPIO – You can set a SoftKey to recall a Scene, and have this Scene filtered to recall GPIO settings only, for example altering a GPO output to trigger external machines.

    – Post-preamps Direct Out / Insert send – you can use Tie Lines for this purpose. Patching input sockets directly to an I/O Port or other output, the signal is taken straight off the preamp (pre digital Trim and processing).

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    – Labelling of DX and I/O Ports is scheduled for V1.9 firmware.

    but when is the release scheduled? 2 more years?

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    As Rob Clark (managing director of A&H) mentioned back in December: maybe March or April this year.
    I don’t think we will ever get it more precise than something like this 🤷‍♂️

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    Hey Nikola!

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I figured the headphone knob was analogue but it’s always worth asking. Now I know.

    I’ve used the IEM PAFL fader before but prefer something away from all my other faders for monitor control. It’s just safer. I’ll keep the PAFL back into a matrix idea though. I’ve played with it a bit and it could be VERY useful.

    Thank you SO MUCH for adding port names in the new firmware. That’s HUGE! Thanks for always listening snd making your products better and better!

    I’ll look into your scene idea. I’m currently using embedded recall and have one scene turn a fader on and another turn it back off after .2 seconds. Works well enough but can crash or freeze the surface if done too many times in rapid succession. All in all, it’s not a huge deal. I’ll keep the scope for just GPIOs in mind though. That’s really sharp.

    The one reason I don’t like using tielines for certain things is sometimes patching changes on the fly and direct outs hold the patching where as with a tie-line, I now have to go and re patch. This was less for broadcast and more for FOH/Mons/Streaming setups I do for churches. It’s a lot easier if only FOH has to keep track of patching.

    As always, thanks for your expertise and time and the fact that AH is always making things better!

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    @a&h more news of an eta v1.9

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