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    I am the lead volunteer operator of the sound system at my church (a Qu-16,) and several members of the congregation keep asking about pairing their hearing aids to the system as they do with their cell phones and TVs. It seems this should somehow be possible, but I am not entirely sure what would be required and how expensive a setup it would be. Does anybody here have any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance

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    I guess you’d need something like a bluetooth transmitter that can/will connect to multiple devices ? Not sure if that even exists and how it would perform in larger spaces ?

    Good luck !


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    Mike C

    I don’t think there is multi device paring bluetooth transmitter.

    There is this system

    That system is an audio encoder that connects to either a stand alone WIFI router or the buildings WIFI network, anyone with a phone can download the app and with their phone connected to the WIFI network the audio is streamed to their phone and from their phone they can bluetooth to their hearing aids.

    Yes it does require some smart phone usage level of operation.

    I’ve installed a couple of those systems and they do work well.

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    What about a traditional hearing aid loop, they’ve been around for ages?
    Unless you don’t have a fixed location for your services, it’s probably the easiest way to provide sound to hearing aids.

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    I am slow to the conversation. I looked at the Wifi solutions above, but it is expensive and requires a smartphone. For our church I am considering an 8 channel headphone amp that would feed small Bluetooth transmitters. I am thinking each person purchases a BT transmitter and pairs it. Then, they plug in when they arrive. We currently have a low power FM transmitter and a number of small FM receivers. A few people (fewer than 8) use them each week, but some with hearing aids must remove one or both aids to use earphones on the FM receiver. One person with hearing aids is already plugging their Bluetooth transmitter into an FM receiver and loves it. A headphone amp would eliminate the FM step in the process.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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