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    This Sunday we had a strange issue where out of nowhere our Avantis console did a complete reset, and reverted to a scene that I had made a couple weeks ago. We lost all of the channel processing settings and every fader went to zero. At first I thought, no problem, I’ll just reload my scene that I had saved on Wednesday, but when I went to the scenes menu, the scene was gone, and the only ones available were from about two weeks ago. What I’m wondering is if there was something we might have done to cause this, and how I can keep that from happening again, because I had to basically rebuild the scene I had. I now know to save everything to a USB drive so it doesn’t get lost, but still, that was extremely frustrating, as I had to spend about an hour rebuilding my routing and channel processing.

    We were having problems with our network that morning, with several devices having trouble connecting, but I don’t see how that could cause the board to reset itself like that.

    We were on the same “show” the whole time, so I can guarantee we didn’t move to a different show.

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