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    I am using the local inputs on the QU-24 to send to ableton live, and using channel 25-26 over usb to take the master out from live back to the QU-24 for monitoring.

    I can’t work out how to have the individual channels on the QU-24 utilise FX in live. If I add an effect to a channel I can still only hear the input from the QU-24 unless I turn monitoring on in live. If I turn monitoring on in live I can hear the input monitoring on the QU-24 as well as the effected input channel going through live.

    Ideally (I assume this isn’t possible) I’d like to take the input from the QU-24, send it to live, add FX and then route it back to the QU-24 via USB and only monitor the effected signal (basically using the QU-24 to mix the various output USB channels rather than listening to the inputs). Additionally (I have another thread on this, apologies for the double up – thought it might be best to get everything sorted in one post now) I want to record the post fader input signal, not the pre fader input signal. In live it appears that only the pre fader input signal can be recorded.

    Any assistance or ideas on how to set this up better would be great. I’m really not wanting to use live for FX via the FX bus or mix buses, I really want to be able to add seperate FX on each input track and keep live and the mixer fairly seperate.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi mate,
    Sorry for reincarnating the old thread. I hope you have found how to do it.
    I am currently looking for a mixing desk that will perfectly suit my needs in my studio.
    At the moment I have several synths and drum machines and octatrack as a core for my setup. I struggle with the audio routing and currently using small mixers to merge synth and drums seperatly into two stereo inputs of the octatrack.
    Ideally, now with the mixing desk I would like to route all my gear through ableton for fx infividually each device (arriving post eq and fader) and then simultaneously send them back to the same channels on the desk where I can mix (also curious if I can send the Master in ableton to LR on the desk directly). The idea in all that is I want to have subgroups/mixes of my gear and send them to 2 stereo channels on octatrack to be remixed resampled or whatsoever. Do you know also (if all the previous things I explained are possible) if the subgroup mixes are post fader and eq as I will basically use them as main outs? Can I add fx from the device on the subgroups too?
    Another one that eventually I cant find a clear answer on web is about the soft synths. Am I gonna be able to for example have 16 input hardware instruments and then another 5 soft synths comming in from ableton ? From what I know the desk is capable of 22 channels of streaming simultaneously.
    Thank you in advance,

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