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    The SQ is a beatiful machine, and firmware update 1.4 was magnificant. With all that extra new audio power this old request must look silly, but maybe this is a good moment for the programmers to take on an ‘eassy’ , far less spectacular task.

    Please make the Color setting of the Channel Strip LCD’s the same as presented in the Touchscreen. When there is extra light hitting the surface of the mixer, all the black letters are very well readable. That is definitly not the case when only the SQ’s own lights are in service.
    This change (some white letters) will enhance readability, and give even a bit more consistent lay-out .

    In the EQ screen, when starting to EQ, the right buttons (LF, LM, HM, HF) light up. Very handy. Very need. The other way around; when one of the LF, LM, HM or HF is engaged, it would be helpfull when the corresponding square in the Touchscreen would ‘fill’

    I know, my mix will not sound better, after these changes. But I will be working with even more pleasure, standing behind even a little bit more beautiful machine.

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    I agree. There should be more color options added to the scribble strip, like changing the text color. Then you could use the black background, and have blue or yellow text. It sure is a nice board!

    @Bracumba, you might want to add your voice to this post if you haven’t already.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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