6-Band PEQ in busses (or add-on)

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    Even back in the analogue days, I would usually use 5-band PEQs instead of GEQs when ever possible. I’ve not actually touched a GEQ ever since Uli’s M- and B-brand digital desks had the 6-band PEQs available for busses.
    The first time I had to use a GEQ again was mixing monitors for a larger TV production on an SQ7 last year where the available PEQ bands simple weren’t enough to get my Wisycom / Schoeps vocal mics loud and free of feedback in the monitors while still sounding great. Two more bands in the PEQ would have done the trick.
    While it worked out ok, I don’t like the problems all GEQs introduce into a monitor mix: There’s not usually a band available for the exact frequency and bandwidth you need to work on. Using adjacent bands of a GEQ to mimic a PEQ causes additional phase issues.

    So I would really like to see a 6-band PEQ in busses / mixes – or an add-on EQ to replace the stock 4-band in those strips. I see there are three add-on GEQs available but not a single PEQ :-/

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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