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    Hi All,

    First time post in this forum. Yeah, I just got a QU32 today and it seems OK, so far?

    2 Main things I have noticed – 48v Phantom – Does this have it? I have looked and can not find it. I looked in the settings to see if it was available to turn on or off. – Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Monitor mixes. I notice 4 mono and 3 stereo – I need 6 monitor sends, will I get the same result in sending to a stereo 6/7 as I would get from 1 – 4

    I also notice some good fx and compression – not sure if a limiter would be introduced at a later date and maybe the option of adding a 3rd party waves plugin

    Cheers, A

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    Welcome to the forum, first of all there exists The Manual which may be searched for terms like “limiter” or “phantom” or “48V”… sorry.
    Phantom is enganged per channel als described in somewhat more detail in this thread: Phantom Feature (or on page 30).
    The compressor also is available per channel an may act as a limiter (as described on page 33)
    Yes, the desk is somewhat limited in flexibility regarding monitoring. You may use one side of the stereo mixes for mono monitoring but should obey, that you do not get a mono downmix from stereo sources that way.
    There _may_ be additional FX available in some future firmware update but the Qu series is not designed to run 3rd party plugins.

    And a second time: Welcome to the forum! 😉

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    Hi Andreas

    I found it in the other section of the forum and all the other info I needed…

    I bought a new one today and I am amazed at amount of features this console has. Anyway, thanks for the reply.


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    Dick Rees

    Saving 997 words…

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    Push and hold – it’s not a tap on, tap off function…

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