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    Curious to know from the group what brand and model you are running your iLive with. We recently upgrade from analog to the iLive T112 but are still running our old Crown CE 1000’s and CE 2000’s. Looking to upgrade the amps and looking for feedback.

    Doug Buurman

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    Hi Doug

    We are a d&b house here. I have a rack full of their D6 amps. I do have a couple Crown amps driving my 70v lobby system though.


    David Shriver
    Director of Technical Operations

    Shalin Liu Performance Center
    37 Main Street
    Rockport, MA 01966

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    I use XTA processors with AES inputs, that means I can some straight out of the iLive digitally and off to all our amp racks and still remain digital right to the rack.

    From there I go into MC2 power amps, these are some of the best amps on the market and are re-badged by many of the most respected speaker manufacturers (Turbo, Funktion one etc).

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    Lab Gruppen all the way! We run PLM1000Qs and the new IPD series :)

    Jeremy Koch
    Innovative Production Services –

    Current stock:
    2x T112, 1x T80, 2x R72, 2x iDR-48, 3x iDR-16, 2x xDR-16
    4x Dante Cards, 3x ACE Cards

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    Hi Doug

    What speakers are you using? (exact model)
    I’m a huge fan of full digital signal path. So ill agree with Jeremy on the Lab Gruppen amps.
    If you are budget concious and it fits the application, the IPD is a great choice. There is nothing out there offering AES input at that budget.

    Gil Parente

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    Dante or AES to Lab Gruppen Lake LM26 then sadly QSC PL2’s [:(] but they are OK, when I stop buying microphones I need to buy some PLM’s[:D]

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    NEXO house here, real big fan of their sound.

    iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad
    Austin Federa, Lawrence University

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    We use Crown iTech HDs with our VRXs here. We’re pretty happy with the bang-for-buck ratio they deliver for us.

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    Can’t go past powersoft K series IMO,

    Single rack size up to 9000w per channel model dependent, aes, on board dsp available, remote control & monitoring options, eaw greyboxes on board, power upgradeable via smart card.

    Simply great amplifiers never miss a beat.

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    Currently QSC PLX2 with DBX driverack driving Martin Blackline. Now that AES outputs are available, will consider using Amps with onboard DSP such as QSC-PLD to eliminate a step in the chain.

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