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    I’m need to build a digital Azimuth Co-Ordinator on the iLive.

    It would take a channel and pan it using a joystick to 4 mono Aux sends representing a speaker in each corner of the room of a Quadraphone sound system.

    I’ve looked at a few programs that convert Joystick to midi signals but none of them seem to support NRPN or any of the more advanced MIDI commands.

    Any suggestions on how to approach this.
    I know a number of people here have done some pretty cool things with Midi control of the iLive.

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    that looks like a pretty cool program, only it only accepts incoming MIDI mesages, does not read HID devices. perhaps I can feed output from another midi translator, I will have a play.

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    I just had a look at the MIDI spec for the iLive and it looks like you can’t adjust the level of a channel going to a mix.

    You can adjust a fader level but it doesn’t look like you can specify the fader level for any other mix than the main one.

    Am I missing something in the protocol?

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    Hmmm. It seems you are right.

    In this case you need to split one input to 4 faders (post aux) and each fader is pre-assigned to one aux / one corner. Then just change the level of this input fader to assign it to a corner (ocer midi).

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    Toby – V1.9 has added Aux/Fx send levels and Mix Select to the iLive Midi spec. Have a look at Touch OSC app also for iPhone/touch or iPad if a touch interface would do what you need? If used with a midi translator program it should do what you are wanting. Could also be done in a custom Logic environment as it can translate midi messages to/ from the ilive. Also Midi-ox is a useful midi tool.


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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