V1.11 Now takes 2m 37s to boot. Normal?

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    I updated my GLD from V1.10 to V1.11 tonight. now it needs 2 min 37 sec to boot every time. There is nothing connected to the surface beside the power cord. I have not played with the network settings. It is default from the factory.

    For over a minute there is a flashing dash in the upper left of the screen.

    I performed three proper shut downs and restarts thinking it needed to reflash something inside but it always is 2m 37s to boot.

    Is this the new normal?

    Thank you,


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    So I re-downloaded the V1.11 firmware, formatted my usb drive and reflashed the GLD80 with v1.11 firmware. The first reboot took 2m 43s. The second reboot took 2m 37s.

    I used a 2Gig usb device that I have used for years on many projects.

    The touch screen is very unresponsive too.

    I looked for V1.10 to down revision and see if there is a performance difference but could not find V1.10 on the A&H site. Can I receive V1.10 to down rev and test please?

    The long reboot worries me. It does seem to wake up ready to work but I do not know for sure.


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    I read elsewhere that if DHCP was enabled the boot times are very long. I checked to find that DHCP was set to ON after the update. I turned it off and the boot times returned to normally fast.

    Be warned all my fellow updaters. Check the DHCP
    Setup/Config/Network/DHCP Enabled must NOT be green.


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    It may be because it’s trying to update the firmware on the input racks during the boot process, but it can’t see any.


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    deleted content of response. John

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    Its just a DHCP thing.
    The firmware update automatically enables DHCP. And i guess the console just takes that long to either acquire address or realize it doesnt have to.
    Had that happen to 2 clients and the one we have.

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    This is getting very strange. We don’t know how DHCP would be getting enabled from a firmware update. The network settings live in a standard Ubuntu file /etc/network/interfaces, this file should not be touched during a firmware update. What is more, for it to change to DHCP it would need to have a line in this file changed from “iface eth0 inet static” to “iface eth0 inet dhcp”, so as you can see it is not just a simple boolean. We do many firmware updates here and have never had this issue, but too many of you are now reporting it to be coincidence, so if any of you experience this in the future could you give technical support detailed information, i.e. network settings prior to firmware update, firmware updating from and to, does it retain the setting for static setup, or does it change to some sort of default?

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