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    So we’re all guilty of it, occasionally one of us has made a comment where we implied we knew what A&H/iLive needed better than those who, ya know, actually run it :)

    so here’s a fun thread, if you ran A&H, what new products, or kind of product, would you make? What would iLive V2 look and feel like? Would you get into the StudioLive/X32 price range?

    Personally, I would…

    Add a second channel encoder dial with hardware parameter keys and dedicated function lights (instead of holding alt, green is gain, blue is whatever, etc)
    2nd set of softkeys on the left side of the console
    Add second screen for setup functions, scene list display, meters, fx, etc (swapable data like ETC Ion)

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    I’d love to see a low-cost, A&H-branded USB surface with control of all Editor functions via the host’s IP stack. Or, perhaps, full implementation of Editor commands via MIDI.

    The latter is probably a firmware revision away from reality. The former would probably cannibalize T-Series surface sales.

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    Strictly visual, but I would like more color choices for the LCD backlights. Perhaps more custom font support as well.


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    I like the idea of a USB control surface but having seen these used with LX desk’s I can’t say I’m happy with the result. Having said that a slimmed down R72 style surface with no local audio would be quite cool. Can’t see many buying it if it cost more than an iPad though!


    Just remember kids no matter how good your mixing is you can’t polish a turd…

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