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    Hi there, i’ve found something strange, don’t know if i’m doing something wrong, but this is what I do:
    Softkey 2: Scene Next/Prev/Go -> Previous
    Softket 3: Scene Next/Prev/Go -> Next
    Softkey 4: Scene Next/Prev/Go -> Go (Auto increment ON) (green)

    Then.. make some scene’s (i’ve done only made 2, with 1 fader change)

    In the setup-screen watch the Softkey2 setting (should be “Previous”)
    Then, go with the softkeys to the nex scene (2) en pres softkey4 “Go”

    NOW at this moment the PROGRAMMING of the softkey’s 2 and 3 are flipped.
    So now Softkey 2 is NEXT en softkey 3 is PREVIOUS.


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    If I recall correctly the softkey assignments are saved with the scenes. Have you made sure that the assignments are correctly saved in each of the scenes?

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    Are the softkey’s also “changeable” in scene’s?
    for example
    scene 1 = button 1 tap Tempo on Rack 1
    scene 2 = button 1 Mute group 3

    In that case it could be the problem.. have to check it..
    But.. if so, why don’t it change back in my situation to the state i programmed it in..

    Thnx for the reply.


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    Yes the soft keys settings are stored in each scene. Probably the cause of your problems but not a bug as such. Recall a scene where they are correct then you could make them scene safe and then update each scene.


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    We make use of the recall filters as well. In the new firmware the strip assign and softkeys can be filtered/safed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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