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    Ok, I just updated to the new 1.1 firmare for the GLD-80 for our church and I didn’t realize I had to backup my scenes. Everything is gone! So unless there is something I don’t know I have to start from scratch. We used the old settings from our old board to use as a template for the GLD-80. However, I can’t seem to find those. It had the settings for the 31 band EQ and all the EQ settings for all the channels. I have never had to start from scratch before (as the person who setup our first board is no longer here or able to help us) so any help would be appreciated. This mixer is for a church and the room dimensions are 24 feet wide and 65 feet long with paneling walls on the sides and polyurethane resin brick on the platform where the mics and instruments are.. I am really scared about tackling the 31 band EQ and don’t know how to “tune the room”. Also would like advice for EQ on lapel mics. Please help someone! [:(]


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    What PA do you have in that room and how is it positioned? What you can try doing is playing music you know well through the PA and listening to what (if anything) sounds wrong. If you aren’t sure what you don’t like about it just try moving some eq bands up and down to see if it gets better or worse.

    For lapel mics the main concern is normally gain before feedback and then you look at sound quality. Just turn the mic up until it feeds back and then cut the frequency that’s ringing. You don’t really need to be able to identify it, just narrow down a band of the parametric channel EQ and sweep it around until the problem stops. Then push the mic more until it is either loud enough or feeds back again, then cut the next frequency. If you need more cuts than the 4 bands in the channel EQ you need to look at moving the mic closer to the source.

    There’s only so much advice that can be given over the internet without actually hearing the problem that we’re trying to solve but this should give you a start.

    Clearing the console (parts of it anyway) isn’t a bad thing to do on purpose either, there’s always the danger of assuming that the old settings were the best and now you might end up with something better.


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    My advice – Hire in a professional sound engineer for a couple of hours! Someone good will be able to get results that you probably won’t achieve even if you spend a long time trying. They may also discover other issues with the system or the room acoustics that could be of significance and make an even bigger difference to your overall sound. Um – then save your settings and always backup the show files to USB – but I guess you know that now! Good luck!


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    Hi Jordan,

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I agree with the previous poster suggesting you get a Sound Engineer in house. I don’t know if you have heard of the Church Sound Check new group, but they might be able to help you find a reputable engineer near your locale. You can sign up here:

    Best of luck to you.

    Chris has a good point about feedback with lavalier mics. If you are fortunate to have the speakers in front of the speaker, you might not have to worry as much about feedback and concentrate on tonal qualities of the voice. My practice is to take the low mid parameteric and turn up the gain up about 10 db, next sweep the frequency until you find the muddiest or nasal frequency. Stop there and turn the gain back to -10 db. Repeat for the High mids.

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    Originally posted by songweaver

    Ok, I just updated to the new 1.1 firmare for the GLD-80 for our church and I didn’t realize I had to backup my scenes. … We used the old settings from our old board to use as a template for the GLD-80. However, I can’t seem to find those.

    Hi Jordan,
    You say you used the old settings. How were these stored? Did you attempt to recall them as Scenes or as a previously archived Show memory?

    Please refer to the Firmware Update Instructions’ document available on the download page for the new firmware:

    Note 3: Updating firmware restores the console parameters to factory default. If you want to keep your current settings then go to the Setup / Memory / Show Manager screen and store them as a Show memory before starting the update. Recall the show after you have updated your firmware

    Current settings and all Scenes are cleared when you update the firmware. However, Show memories should still be available. Have you checked that there is not a User Show with these settings saved, or one stored to a USB key?

    If you are starting again from scratch then I recommend you store your settings when done as a Scene and also store a User Show both to the GLD and to back up on your computer via a USB key.
    Hope that helps,

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