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    I am having trouble getting a monitor split working over Dante.
    I have replaced all my Port B ace cards with Dante cards.

    I have followed the webinar word for word

    I’ve got my IDR10 as the master, it is set to use the internal clock and on the output page, is sending the direct inputs out over Port B Dante.

    On an IDR32, I have it set to use Port B Dante as the clock source and to use Port B dante as the channel sources.

    On the Dante System Controller. The Dante card in the IDR10 is set to be the primary master and also has the second checkbox set. The IDR32 card has none of the clock check boxes checked.

    I have set the IDR32 Dante card to receive the channels sent from the IDR10. All the ticks are green and the cards are showing that bandwidth is being used.

    On the IDR32 I have no audio.

    The IDR10 Dante card is plugged into a the primary port and goes to a gigbit switch.
    The IDR32 Dante card Primary port goes to switch as well (I have also tried a direct port to port connection).

    Traffic is flowing.
    Any ideas, tips or tricks that I’m missing.
    I’ve loaded the templates for FOH and Monitor Split as well in case I was doing something wrong.

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    Everything in a Dante network should slave to the Dante Clock.
    Have you used the dante control software and patched all 64 channels through to each other?
    Have you checked that all dante cards are listening to the right clocks? and then rebooted? and saved?

    Current stock:
    2x T112, 1x T80, 2x R72, 2x iDR-48, 3x iDR-16, 2x xDR-16
    4x Dante Cards, 3x ACE Cards

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    Ok, so I got to the bottom of it.

    Using a laptop I tried to receive audio in turn from each mixer.
    I found I could receive from one but not the other.

    So then I swapped the Dante cards between mixers and I found the receive problem followed the Dante cards not the mixers.

    So then I did a factory reset on the card, still nothing.

    I pulled the card out, removed the brooklyn module and then re-seated it a couple of times then put it back in (sometimes you get invisible corrosion problems in high bandwidth connections like video cards).

    Bingo, fired it all up and away it went.

    A little concerning as this indicates the Brooklyn modules are susceptible to corrosion problems and this in theory could occur during a gig. My advise would be to always keep a spare card on hand just in case as you wouldn’t want to be doing that during a gig.

    Alternatively maybe 6 monthly preventative maintenance of simply re-seating the module is probably not a bad idea.

    Any comments or suggestions on this from A&H would be appreciated.

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    PS, this was a brand new card, first time use.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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