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    Hello [:)]
    First sorry for my bad Englisch – I’m from Germany.

    I have a big problem with my T112 surface (with FW 1.83, and now still in 1.9), and IDR48:
    If I create a new show and save scenes in it all functions are normal.
    But after a restart/shutdown of the surface a green tick appears at one scene, where nothing was saved by me. (It is still named “No name”)
    If I want to recall this scene, the surface says “Surface connecton [thats no typing error!] failed” and the surface freezes.
    I have to restart the surface but the tick doesn’t disappear.
    If I want to clear the scene, the surface crashes, too.
    If I want to store the show (including the “mysterious scene”) the surface freezes, too.
    So it is not possible to edit/save this show once again.

    I think, the IDR is not the problem, because with only IDR-Laptop connection the problem didn’t appear.
    Any suggestions?

    Best regards from Germany

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    Have had the same problem for a while…exactly as you describe…short answer is don’t archive unless you know your scene list is rogue green tick free…

    …only way I’ve found to get rid of the rogue green tick/s and therefore the problem is to load a saved show file that you know doesn’t have any scenes with rogue green ticks….

    Also, I now scroll the scene save list from top to bottom before saving each scene…..every time….because I now have to archive & copy to usb at the same time to keep an up to date version of the show file…if there is a rogue green tick I save the scene but don’t archive, knowing that I have to load a show file that replaces the scene list to remove the problem and that also removes new scene info/saves since the file you are loading…therefore keeping an up to the minute show file has become a priority…

    On my machine it doesn’t happen all the time so once i’ve loaded a rogue tick free version of the show file I keep that file up to date so when it does occur I’m only loosing what I’ve just done not many scenes….

    Also…I can’t verify this but it appears that leaving a USB stick in for long periods could have something to do with it…could be coincidence too…I only put the USB stick in at archive/copy time…seems to stop it from happening but that could be just luck too…

    If you find out why could please post about it…



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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