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    hi i want to buy a surface for use with idr32 – is it the right joice?
    most jobs i do are 24 ch

    what do you think?

    thanks for your replay

    regards joefi

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    R72 is OK but if you are mixing bands with more than 6 monitor mixes it can be a bit painful. Also jumping between all the banks seems to take forever when things start to go wrong. If I’m working a live band I’ll often end up building a layer with a mix of DCA’s and vocal inputs to I can try to run the show on one layer. Lazy but it works for me!

    The R72 is nice and small though so it tends to go with me if I think I’ll be running a show off editor as its nice to have a physical fader to pull when it all goes wrong. Great for corporate & AV style jobs for the same reasons.

    Don’t try doing a 16 way monitor mix on it though!

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    hi joefi,

    I think it’s not only a question of channel count, but more a question of workflow and mix requirements, complexity.
    Questions to think about are:
    How many channels do you need to have under visual control at a time?
    Do you feel fine while swapping through layers all the time?
    Do you mix foh and monitors on the desk?
    How many effects are to be under direct access at a time?
    How is your workspace on the jobs, does it fit for a T112 or is it cramed after setting up your PC?

    Personally I like the the R72 very well as it comes in a slim design, efficient, well designed and you need no additional hands for transport.

    Give me a call if you like to get more ideas about my experiences.

    br Gunter

    G√ľnter Eisbach
    Darmstadt / Germany

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    hi guys,

    thanks for your fast reply and informations!

    soon i will add a R72

    kind regards


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    I have an R72. It’s a shame the left bank of faders is only 8 wide and
    I think the Eq should be on the surface too. But all in all I love it. It’s small and
    Easy to use. Most of my shows are 16 inputs so it’s not to hard to keep
    Track of where you are. I always have inputs on the left and mixes on the right bank.

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    Originally posted by jimvoyager

    I have an R72. It’s a shame the left bank of faders is only 8 wide and
    I think the Eq should be on the surface too.

    Jim, you should have bought the T80 surface instead [:)]

    I have a R72 also and use it a lot. But mostly when i mix myself. its not that easy for a BE. i wished that there were 16 user buttons/maybe some user encoders.I use all the 8 buttons as mon-mix send on faders. I rather use my T112 when there is a visiting BE.
    Kind regards.


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    I dont mind the r72 one but.

    Yeah jumping pages can suck. For the size it does so much.

    I run DCA on the last page and usually just mix from there for the show.

    I have run festivals with 6 bands plus on this board and also monitors from this board. No problems. W

    I think we are all spoiled by the big boards but this thing is fantastic.

    Honestly though i would like a t80, even then i think i would still EQ from touch screen and a rotary knob :)

    Hmm..it must be broke!

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