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    hi all can any one tell me if the new up date on the ipad is in working order you would think that for the price of the app it would be the best thing since sliced bread yet if you have an ls9 there are no problems also is their any sign of new soft ware for the ilive time is creping on we have are ilive over a year one up date and it has taken so long to sort the ipad pull your finger out allen &heath [:(!]

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    Yes it works fine – and offers far more control than many other iPad mixer apps! Can you adjust compressors/ gates/ preamp settings/ output processing and graphic eqs etc on the LS9 app – or on any Yamaha mixer app for that matter? I personally don’t have an issue with the Mixpad app costing what it did – manufacturers either charge for the app development or include those costs in the console price. If its not for you – then don’t buy it and benefit from the lower cost console price. Anyone remember what it cost to have a wireless hardware based graphic Eq controller a few years ago (klark Teknik, DBX etc) before iPads came along?
    As for the iLive update – I will certainly welcome any new features along the lines of many requests but don’t see that comments such as ” pull your finger out” can be in any way helpful as I am sure that A&H are working as fast as possible on getting new firmware finilalised. Past firmware updates were issued to fix bugs and add new features as they were developed – however the current iLive firmware is now very stable and so any update is almost purely for added features. I’d rather they get the new version as refined as possible before its released.


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    but don’t see that comments such as ” pull your finger out” can be in any way helpful as I am sure that A&H are working as fast as possible on getting new firmware finalised.

    Amen. It really irks me when reading this forum to see so many hot headed people demanding perfectly coded software with their niche feature requests fulfilled, while released on a regular basis. I don’t think people appreciate just how massive and complicated a project like iLive is. If there’s a delay in releasing software, it’s because they’re either working on it, or have found a problem, and are working on it. In the meantime, your current version works.

    MODS: please delete my intitial reply, had a blonde moment.

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    blonde moment [:D],

    a&h should make a little movie about their programming dept. to show what kind a work
    it is to program.
    some people do not have enough knowledge of codewriting and so on, maybe that would help em to understand what one is talking about.


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    Reading some of these posts makes you wonder if some people are not using their iLive consoles while waiting for the new firmware.
    Or maybe some people like the gear for using gyzmos, and value number of gizmos above stability and quality?

    Maybe some people signing In are just using the forum for speaking ill of the brand, looking for what some users complain to use as ammo!

    ILive consoles 1.83 works. Does everything it advertises in a stable and competent fashion. That should be enough. More functions on this system are wellcome, but if it doesn’t do something you need it to, then why did you bought it to begin with?

    If the new firmware adds features, maybe they would do well to charge for the download. If people REALLY NEED those new features they’ll be glad to pay. Just like the MixPad.

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    Other than the Apple induced network issue(which all the manufacturers have seem to have had issues with) the iPad software has been flawless for me. I also have to say its way better that the other iPad mixer app I use from another manufacturer, way easier to navigate and see what your doing IMO. And! The custom tab is da bomb!


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