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    I’m considering purchasing an iDR-32 and running it only with a MacBook Pro using the Editor and an iPad using MixPad. For those of you who do this already, I have a few questions:

    1) Any major complaints? Regrets?
    2) Can you do all you need to do between the laptop and the iPad? Is there anything only a physical control surface can do?
    3) Would you heartily recommend running a system this way?

    Any words of encouragement or discouragement in this regard are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tim Trace (on this forum) has been doing for a while what you’re considering.

    I personally have been doing most of my mixing on the iPad, but with the surface present. (R72 or T112) I don’t fancy doing the mixing on the laptop, but the iPad has multitouch capability and mixing is very do-able.

    1) No complaints, no regrets.
    2) The laptop will do everything the surface will do, you might consider it a “virtual surface”. You can only do one action at a time (single function) with a laptop. The iPad is only somewhat limited, generally in the area of setup and fx parameter changes, but makes up for it with the live (multitouch) mixing capabilities. There is a free demo app available for the Mixpad app.
    3) I think using a mixrack, laptop/tablet and an iPad is a solid & reliable system. I’m getting ready to “give it a go” without the surface soon – for a (low pressure…) gig.

    Strongly reccommend using a 5 gig router for wireless to avoid congestion issues in the 2.4 band.

    Tim Tyler
    Detonator Sound
    Richmond, Va USA
    T112/48 R72/32 laptop iPad Dir-815

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    I’ve had an iDR 32 for around a year now and have had reasonably good results with no surface yet. A totally wireless gig is a bit scary though. I’ve had pretty good results with the iPad as far as reliable connections, though the Tablet has bit a bit hit and miss at times. I’ve always had both in use during a show and that’s been a good thing if one decides to go awol. I’ve not gone to 5ghz yet and am pretty convinced that phones can be the cause of issues I’ve had. It seems like at home I can run pretty much forever without issues but when around crowds issues can pop up from time to time. Interestingly when I’ve used it a few times in the 840 seat theater here it’s been glitch-free with something like 8 access points (other than mine) in operation whereas a small house concert series with less than 100 people and no access points has been somewhat inconsistent with the wireless. I’ve been using a hard line for the Tablet connection there just to insure a connection. The good thing about the iPad is how fast it will reconnect. A laptop is another story and does affect the iPad if you try to reconnect during a show. I am going to get one or two of the hardwired controllers as another backup of major functions if I don’t buy a surface. I just find it hard to justify a surface with the amount of work I do being part-time but I love the system and I think the iPad works well if set up properly for the show. I also have been looking a better wireless systems as I’ve been using consumer based gear so far.


    iDR 32
    iDR D-Out
    Lenova T61, M90, iPad2

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    IDR 32
    Macbook Pro with editor wired
    Ipad 2 with mixpad on airport express
    50 + gigs so far ranging from 6 bands in a night to large complex corporate events.
    zero issues.
    zero regrets.
    Never had so many, happy, confident and relaxed bands on stage.
    Never had so many relaxed, happy, confident promoters/venue managers.

    Dante card
    Macbook pro 17
    Ipad2 + mixpad
    Aiport express

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    More than 2 years since i have purchased 2 X iDR32 at the end of last year i got T80 surface, before that i have used laptop and tried different tablets, recently using only MacBook+ wacom bammboo pen, and surface only on big events..

    I have no complains and no regrets.

    1x T80
    2x iDR32
    desktop+2x RME HDSP MADI
    Macbook Pro,2x Macmini+DVS
    evolution of SOVIET TANK

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    I might add that I have so experience at all with the iLive control surfaces. I’m going straight to the software.

    Does this put me at a disadvantage?

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    I have the ILIVE System for about 2,5 Years now and i have done multiple Gigs without the surface – i have to say that i shurely prefer something to “touch” but i had no issues so far for just mixing with the editor.
    I have to say that i use an lenovo x220 Tablet – not an normal laptop – i find it faster to navigate with the pen then with the mouse.
    I have an IPad2 with MixPad as backup – never had an issue so far.

    As posted before – use an WLAN Router that works in the 5GHZ range and everything should work fine.

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    I bought the iDR32 and did the laptop thing until the iPad app came out, and I love the way it all works – I’m actually just about to buy a surface (T112), but really more for the touring engineers than anything else – for most gigs I’ll still mostly use the iPad (with a laptop for little things like scene changes/effects editing)… I thought I’d miss the hands on thing more than I do, but for long gigs (festivals etc) I definitely prefer having the surface.

    Adam Biggs
    iDR48 & IDR32 mixracks
    MixPad for iPad & Tweak for iPhone apps
    Asus N61 Laptop (x2 wireless)
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    with Belkin PlayMax N600 HD router
    Dante card tracking into Reaper with playback via FooBar

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    If you have to manage a lot of things like many channels, many FX, lot’s of zones or monitors it’s definitly easier and faster to handle on the surface.
    Or U R using a big screen (big resolution, near full-HD) then it depends…
    The overview is better in the editor.

    The surface is easyly to taylor for your needs.

    R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16, Dante

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    Well, I’m going for it. Getting an iDR-32. Wish me luck.


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    iDR32, MacBook Pro, iPad 2, D-Link DIR815 Router. Bought the system last July and have run 50 plus shows with no major issues. When I first set up the iPad I had some issues with running the D-Link in both 2.4 and 5 Ghz modes simultaneously. The iPad couldn’t make up it’s mind which network to use even when I told it to ignore one or the other. I simply turned the 2.4 Ghz radio off on the router and have had no issues using only the 5 Ghz channel.

    The iLive system sounds fantastic, the on-board effects are stellar, and I love the space savings and ease of use. I certainly don’t miss wrestling that 40 channel copper snake either. :>)


    Tony Benson
    Standing Hampton Group

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    No regrets, no major complaints. Using only the Editor software changes the way you work slightly, and there are a couple of advantages you lose: like the ability to shut down the Mains DCA at the swipe of your hand if you get a huge feedback for example. But the few disadvantages are outweighed, in my opinion, by the cost saving and the flexibility of the wireless set-up, including the space saved in the FoH installation. We have never had any wireless problems.


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