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    I downloaded this app and used the demo version (I don’t have wireless hooked up to my iLive yet). I was wondering if this app allows you to control the mix of inputs on an aux send? What I want to do is control the stage monitor mix from the app while I am on the platform instead of having to run back and forth from the platform to the iLive. I know you can do this with the Editor using a laptop but I was hoping to be able to do it from my iPhone. From what I seen on the demo it does not look like I can do what I want.


    Scott Templin
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    Hi Scott,

    No – you can’t do that. To do that, you need to use the iPad app, which is very good, but it’s not free.

    However: you can do a lot with MIDI, depending on what you’re doing on stage. We use the PL10, as a controller, which is extremely configurable and relies on a cable, rather than wireless.

    Hope that helps!


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    I now have an iPad and am interested in purchasing the MixPad app to use with our iLive 144 but I am wondering about the app version being 1.81 and our console is running 1.83 – do the versions have to match? Also – can I assume that the app will be updated to keep current with the firmware without having to pay each time? I am still new to the iPad so I am not familiar with how software works with it.

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    Mixpad V1.81 is the current release for iPad and this works with any of the current iLive firmware versions (above V1.80) This may change when newer iLive firmware/Mixpad SW is released. Updates should also be free.


    Richard Howey
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    Thanks Richard – I just purchased a router and once I get that setup and try it with theTweak app I hope to get the MixPad app.

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