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    Hi Guys!

    We have received our Dante card, but we cannot use it now.[:(!] We have a 112/48. Our MMO card is in the iDR48 currently. We are being told that the MMO card (using it for Avioms) and the Dante card are not supported at this time. We have the current options 1. Ditch Dante (which is not an option) 2. Change the Aviom to a analog interface from the direct outs of the iDR 3. Wait for the firmware to support the config 4. Come up with another way to make our current hardware setup work.

    ANY ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I don’t know the vast configuration options of the Ilive, as I work in a static configuration setup.

    Thanks all!

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    You might need some more detail on your exact setup, but it’s my understanding you want avioms and dante at the same time. Maybe something like this?

    Looks like it would convert Dante to aviom. Never used it. Just googled it.

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    That is a cool unit! Yes, do do want to have both at the same time, Aviom VIA MMO card. We could go back to the ANET 16i interface using that direct outs on the mix rack, but that uses the rest of them and leaves me with none.

    I like the cleanness of the MMO and Dante. If anyone has any internel news on development of the product to support this, maybe a timeframe, that would be incredible!.

    Thanks CMattE!

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    At this moment, the only way to use Dante and Aviom digitally is to use the very expensive Whirlwind box.
    I have plead to A&H to come up with a format converter box using their existing cards, but it must be really low on their priority list.. :-)

    Still waiting for some other company to come up with Dante to Aviom.

    The reeeeally expensive alternative is to use two xDR16 boxes and put MMO on one and Dante on the other. You would need an ACE card on the main IDR.

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    Actually that will work Gill, the other way is to use a Modular Rack with a Multout A in it, then put a dante in port B

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