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    Hi there!

    At first I have to say, i like the Mixpad App.

    But a few ideas could make the use smarter:

    The App should check if there is enough memory at the start and should help to close other apps. Its annoying you get the message ” not enough memory ” and you have to close everything even mixpad self and restart…

    I like the dB-Level-Display at the top of each fader, but it would be nice that when changing fader the display jumps to zero and shows the difference to the last fader position and jumps back to absolute level when putting finger away.

    This could help: “Please make my Voc a liitle louder in mon” I would say a little is 3 dB and i wouldn’ t have to memorize the level before.

    Another thing is the loss of connection when ipad powers down, because of saving battery life. I think especially ipad (2) has good battery life – there should be a “coffee button” in mixpad app, that forces the ipad to stay connected to wlan. (This should be implemented in the ilive editor on pc/mac too)

    Of course we can change system settings, but this is annoying, and i forget it often, and forget always to set back.

    A Pafl mode would be nice (nothing complicated like sound out of the ipad jacket)
    My Co often sits at surface with ipad in hand, and would like to hear channels – simple button or a channel overview like in the custom edit mode to select and unselect pafl would be fine.

    This should be no critics, im really happy with my iLive, but i would like to help to make a good system even better!

    Tell me what you think about this suggestions!


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    I use my Ipad when I walk around the stage during changeover. I really need a stereo meter. When doing linecheck I cant see if I got L and R from a keyboard even. If this can be done now – plaese let me know how :-)

    Best from Tue

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    Have you enabled ‘meters’ in settings/ilive mixpad on the ipad?

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    I think what Tuejo says is that when he has a stereo channel, he cannot see dual meters in mixpad. Editor has LR meters for stereo channels.
    The solution to this is either make dual mono channel and gang them, or do hard pan(balance) to each side to hear if you still have signal during the line check.

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    Originally posted by lederkaes

    1. enough memory …

    2. “coffee button”…

    3. A Pafl mode…

    1. There is probably a little memory leak bug in mixpad so I guess this can be fixed.

    2. Should be implemented like in the Skype app. A setting to prevent the iPad from going in standby…

    3. agree, would be nice.


    4. I would like to add: be able to adjust the pannings of channels in stereo auxes. Important when used to adjust in ear mixes.

    5. Be able to assign channels to DCA.

    6. As long as the fader position is not updated, do not show a fader as this is very misleading. Also for other controls


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    Funny, I always used to think the wireless disconnected when I put the screen to sleep on the iPad (as it does with Tweak on the phone), but I don’t find it has any issue reconnecting with MixPad on it’s own when I wake it up (ie I don’t have to exit the app and restart again), even after 15-30 minute breaks it still seems to reconnect within seconds with no metering problems etc… am I in the minority with this?

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    Letmefix is right. It is dualmeters for stereo channels I´m missing. Right now I use the meters on the In-ear transmitters in my rack on stage.

    I got the Ipad to help me do changeovers and linecheck alone. It would help me a lot if a future update has dualmeters for stereochannels.

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    I would LOVE it if MixPad would add the ability to simply change scenes. Not edit them, but simply be walk around and change scenes any where I am in the theater.

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