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    To the AH people, would it in the near future be possible to create a larger fix format mixer than the T112? Like a T144 or T176?

    There are some of us out there that want more faders but not all the functions that we are not using :D

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    I would strongly appreciate this. A T144 or T176 in combination with an iDR64 would make the system an even bigger winner.



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    Yes, we already have a T112, but would like a bigger one to do monitor + FOH. And the functions on the T series are more than enough but more faders would be good.

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    Help me to understand why having more faders is needed? With the bank shifting and amazing auxiliary mix functions, why would you need more real-estate?
    Not criticizing, just want a better understanding.


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    ILiveLove, at least for me, doing a primarily theatre work where I am using 30 wireless mics all the time, having all 30 on one layer all visible would sometimes be nice. I currently have my default view as mics 1-20 across banks A B and C on layer 1, then Aux 1 (stage) and my VCA’s for orchestra, vocals and mains on the last 4 faders. The secondary mics 21-30 and the orchestra inputs are then on layer 2. Works great, just would sometimes like to have a bit more on top.

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    To be honest, if i need a bigger Surface then proberly the big Ilive Series would do the job – cause then its a bigger production and the payment should be also better…
    A&H shurely wont kill the bigger series with an bigger T-Series Surface i think.

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    A bigger t-series with more faders—yes. In a recent demo wth a church and volunteers they realy expresed the desire to have more faders then the t-112 offers. They are used to the anologue 56 faders and having everything on one layer. switching layers for someone who uses the board every 3 weeks could get a bit confusing. especially if the show layout and or strip lay out gets changed after they last used it. The t-series has all the flexibility that most needs. however the modular series does have its place and use.

    Lets take this a step further—Do away with the “touch” screen and just add a mouse pointer on a LCD, LED TFT type screen. I would likely use a larger external screen to see more clearly anyway. The touch screen is hard to see in bright light(sometimes impossible outside). This could possible bring down the cost of a system even a bit more, making it even more affordable for those who dont ooh and awe over touch screens.

    My thoughts and of course this is all just Ideas that may or may not fit into the grand scene of A&H and their market coverage.


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    Lets take this a step further—Do away with the “touch” screen and just add a mouse pointer on a LCD, LED TFT type screen.

    Having to make space for a mouse or trackball and monitor would be an issue for me in most of the smaller venues.

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    Well, i don’t want to change the design to much because.I Think it’s good.
    A larger screen could be good but not needed. But on festivals with 10 bands on one day and 10 different persons dropping by it would be easier to give them more faders. I also understand that a t-176 could be a killer for the 176. But with current prize on 176 a viX or siX Are in scope as well. I just want more ilives on the road because it makes it easier to use it on lager productions egen more people know about it :)

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    Originally posted by
    I just want more ilives on the road because it makes it easier to use it on lager productions egen more people know about it :)

    Good point… that’s my hope as well

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    How about a downscale option aswell, say a digital version of a mix wizard that interfaces with the ilive system with an ACE port, but is low budget, no touch screen or motorized faders with just 16 inputs and the ability to substitute these from the IDR rack. Almost an expander with faders and Eq encoders attached.

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