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    Our configuration is designed so we have a number of logins for the T112/iDR64 including a “basic” setup for less familiar engineers.

    This login has no password which brings me to iTweak.

    If I log into Tweak using the Basic login, I can still see ALL the stuff a full access login can see esp MIX EQ and levels.

    admittedly, a rogue user would still have to break into the wireless connection but it still feels like a bit of a security hole.


    Duncan Whitcombe
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    Security hole agreed! You could also use MAC address filtering on your router if you wanted to make sure no uninvited people hook up to play with your mix! I also have a no password iLive login – mainly because it’s a PITA with tweak to have to password login every time ipod touch has gone to sleep/ woken up. MAC filtering solves the problem and gives an improved security level by rejecting all unknown network devices.


    Richard Howey
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    We are of two minds about security. We have a wireless access point with password protection, and then the iDR with password, but I also find it a PITA when I want to administer from my iPhone, because iTweak doesn’t multi-task, at least not on iPhone 3GS running 4.1 software, which means I have to tap in the password each time.

    The question I ask myself: is it likely that an audience member is going to have the nouse to download iTweak, break through the wireless AP and then log on to the iDR and f*ck around?

    I think the answer is that it’s highly unlikely.

    I don’t want to go to the trouble of entering MAC addresses, although that’s the most secure solution.

    I hope the new iPad app has some more custom functionality for different users; apart from the security issue (‘basic’ logons having too much functionality), it would be good to have a custom screen for the sound engineer to access when moving around the venue.

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    I agree as well, especially with the iPad app.

    My system is setup at a school in our performance venue we maintain. 3 times a week (soon to be 5) its a classroom.

    My hope with the iPad app and eventually for iTweak is that I can setup logins on a individual basis that allows each faculty to recall scenes and adjust the necessary levels, but while maintaining the important stuff.

    I would think with the way A&H markets this stuff, at least over here, to churches and the like that this would be a rather easy and HUGELY valuable feature set to address and improve.

    I am also looking for a lot more expanded ACE accessory line (this January?), but that can be another thread.

    Stephen Tyler
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