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    the system:iLive-144/iDR10

    How much capacity does iLive have?
    Could you tell me the spec of iLive memory capacity?

    I’m able to see hou much space(Memory available”%”) it has,
    but I’m not able to know hou much capacity it has.

    and Where are each memory(Show/Library/Scene/Current Settings) stored to?

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    Hi Yosuke

    The Number of bytes available in iLive for scenes is slightly meaningless, because how many scenes that can be stored is dependant on what is stored in a scene. A scene ‘Store all’ or Full scene storage takes up more space than a partial scene store.
    Therefore the available number of scene stores depends on what gets stored.

    Currently 100 Full scenes are possible

    250 partial scenes possible.

    The scene ‘%’ tells you how much ‘scene’ memory is left free.

    Shows are stored on the SBC (touchscreen computer), 200MB are allocated. Again the number of shows will depend on whats stored in the show file. The show file will vary in length depending on your system configuration.
    You can store more Shows on USB.

    Librarys are stored on the SBC, max number is 150, You can store more on USB.

    Scene memory is distributed between the MixRack and surface, settings are stored local to the unit where they are relevant

    Current Settings, again are stored within the box to which the settings apply.

    Hope this helps
    Sam A&H

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    Now iLive stored is not working depend on the memory space.

    Below operation can not
    on the situation:Memory Availabel says less than 30%

    -Full scene memory can not be stored
    -and “SelectAll” on Modify Scene-Scene Contens can not be choiced

    So does this scene memory I try to do take up the space more than30%?

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    Hi Yosuke

    Due to fragmentation issues we can only allow upto about 100 ‘store all’s within scenes. Once you have done this you will only be able to do partial scene stores for the remaining ‘%’ of memeory left available. We are investigating this issue for future versions of firmware.

    Until then i’m afraid you will need to try and manage your scenes more carefully, or load a new show.

    Sam A&H

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    Is there a way Sam to go in and “clean up” the scenes to open up more space? For instance, could we go into a show, and for instance hit update vs store all in each scene and solve his problem?

    Jonathan Wade
    Suburban Legend Audio

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    Jonahan – I think you would have to go into each scene – edit what gets stored for each scene (i.e only include what you actually need stored and remove everything else), then hit update. This would be very time consuming! This is why we need a custom store template library. Alternatively you could create a scene with just the parameters you need (in edit mode), then copy this to many scene locations then recall your original “Store All” scenes and update them to the new edited scene locations. Again this would be one at a time and still be a PITA. My suggestion is to not use Store all unless you really do want everything recalled. The Store All scenes are also very slow to recall if you are working for example on a theatre show with quick scenes in succession – so I generally only use Store All on Scene 1. Another option if you need more space is to use external USB storage.


    Richard Howey
    Audio Dynamite Ltd

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    can you defrag the files by moving them to and back from a usb stick?


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    My iLive is on bad condition.
    Now it has more than 100 Full scene and partial scenes.

    The sound from MainL/R is nothing.(AUX,matrix is ok.) but the channel signal is on the merter, I already check that all patching and channel assignment is correct.

    After iLive was reboot, all sound was ok.
    I thought iLive’s memory processing has a load
    That’s why i tried to do the way.

    Does this situation concern with memory available?

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