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    New T112 owner and working to mount our first musical. Coming from a Yamaha DM1000 background. I’m trying to get a handle on how to best set up my scenes.

    I’ll probably have around 150 scenes for the show. I want ONLY the input fader positions to be remembered in the scenes. Anything else, like compression, mute, EQ, etc., I want to be able to change at any time and have it follow through the rest of the show and scenes.

    Here’s what I’m thinking I should do:

    1. Record my base scene in scene 1. This would be a Store All scene, with all Scene Content options set for saving. Do a Store All to this scene at the end of the show each night to store any changes in EQ, Compression, etc.

    2. Actual show scenes start in Scene 2. Set the Scene Contents for that scene to only store fader levels for the inputs.

    3. Copy Scene 2 and paste it into Scenes 3-150. Now scenes 3-150 have a Scene Content of only Input Fader. (Having to manually paste a scene into all 150 scenes seems inelegant. The ability to paste a scene into a range of scenes would be a big help.)

    Now as I record my various scenes 2-150, record them with Update instead of Store All.

    Am I on the right track?

    Also, I posted this on an old thread, but I am constantly tweaking and updating levels during the run of the show. Right up to closing night. Right now it looks like I’ll have to keep the Scenes screen visible at all times to quickly hit the Update button. I’d love to have the option to assign Update and Store All to the soft keys.

    I’m loving the T112 so far. The only complaint is one burnt out LED on a control strip meter. I’m guessing that’s not going to be user-swappable.

    Dave Schmoldt
    Theatre Cedar Rapids
    Cedar Rapids, IA USA

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    Hello Dave,

    Yes you are on the right track. Normally i do much about the same. i use a double name list, the scene numbers from the desk i consider the “memory position” and i call the actual scene “scene”. I hope you still understand. This way i can insert a “scene 1.5” when needed and record that at the end of the ilive list, let’s say scene 151. then i move the scene to ilive scene 3. so ilive scene 1 is setup, ilive scene 2 is the actual scene 1, ilive scene 3 is actual scene 1.5 etc.It took me a while to figure it out, but now it works great.

    it is possible to copy a range of scenes,although is normally do that in the editor during pre- production/rehearsal.

    good luck with your musical

    ilive t112

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