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    I dont know if this is even possible but we have a Jands Event 4 lighting desk which can have it’s scene memories controlled via midi and the iLive can output midi but I am having trouble getting it to work.

    Has anyone done anything similar?

    Also when assigning a soft key to a custom midi string and when you go to put in the note you want there is no way to type in a #, not even with a usb keyboard attached.
    I have made sure that from the utility screen and selected midi that the play button is pressed.

    The reason I would like to be able to do this is that on a Sunday morning for church we always have a sound guy but not always a lighting guy so this would just make it easier instead of having to run between 2 desks as they aren’t exactly beside each other.


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    Have you tried using note numbers instead of note names? i.e note C1 = note number 36, C#1 = note number 37 etc.
    Midi Note messages run from 0 to 127. The Event 4 software has the MIDI Note numbers as 1 – 128 so you will need to add 1.
    See page 65 of the Event4 manual for a table of note numbers. I havn’t worked with custom MIDi strings coming out of the iLive but have worked with the standard midi messages sent/recieved by the iLive. Enttec’s new DMXIS software might be something worth looking at as it can learn Midi messages and will directly output DMX512 so you wouldn’t even need the Event 4.



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    Yeah, we tried note names, note numbers and noticed the Event desk was 1 number out so we tried 1 number either side of the note we wanted…all to no avail.

    What bothered me was that when we set up the iLive to output the midi note or number via the softkey we also linked the led to the button but the button wouldn’t even come on so i cant be certain the midi note/number was even being sent.

    I haven’t seen the DMXIS, we have a LanBox LCX which accepts midi so i might try that and see how i go

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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