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    considering Ilive I have worked with LS932 what is the audio Quality Difference. DSP section and overall sound[:)]


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    Really – this is a totally different product. It is born with stagerack and twice!! as many outputs all with GEQ. It sounds ten times better (no I do not work for A&H) and has got 8 FX´s. No matter how you calculate you just get more – a lot more.

    I my self and 4-5 others have done serious work on my IDR48 and T-112. Biggest issue so far is that I keep forgetting to bring lid lights. That´s it. We all really like it.

    My most regular band has gone from disliking in-ear to loving it just by changing the mixer from M7CL to ILive.

    Dont take my word for it. Get a LS9 and an ILive, put them next to each other and listen.

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    I have a LS9 for 2 years now and recently ( 4 months ) T112/IDR48.
    Appart from the functionality and flexibility the sound is a huge improvement.I love the stagerack with networksnake. I use it sometimes with laptop only and it is a dream. The problem i have with the LS9 soundwise is when you begin to add more instruments the sound get worse ( kind of compressed ). And most off all A&H listen to the customer, they solve problems realy fast.You can have a good product but the customer support makes it a great product. And finally the ‘ no digital’ engineers can use it to. Have to stop raving about [:I]


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    please compare the iLive with PM5D, not with LS9!
    that´s unfair, it´s another league…

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    Originally posted by Wolfgang

    please compare the iLive with PM5D, not with LS9!
    that´s unfair, it´s another league…

    The A&H has to raise the price ;-)

    The LS9 comparisation comes naturally because you can get a iDR32 + T80 surface for roughly the same price…

    Christian Tepfer
    Hamburg, Germany

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    I Just had a tech that booked my Ilive-T for a week. He had the Digico D1 in the budget but he would rather have the Ilive. He says the reverbs are better and he can handle it alone.

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