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    I would like to be able to save a scene with only the aux send levels and fader levels for each aux send for a specific number of channels.

    If you are mixing monitors on a laptop and you want to save your settings without affecting FOH, then you can’t do it without also saving the FOH settings. This does not make the front of house engineer happy if you recall your settings.

    Not sure if its technically possible, but it would be great to be able to use the DSP without the surface for corporate jobs and just run the whole thing off a laptop.

    Also, when is there going to be a mini-ilive.
    Something with the following specs….

    24 channels
    about the size of an LS9 or 01V
    8 to 12 busses and outputs
    2 or 4 FX engines
    rack mountable
    ethersound option for using with an i-live

    This would be a 01V / LS9 killer.

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    Try this:

    Just go to scenes and select >Edit > Mix Channel Processing > Aux.Send Source.

    Edit your scene saves to suit your needs.

    I’m not sure though if the scene edits are per scene or global. If it is global, then it would also affect foh scene savings.

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    Yeah, I tried that one but it didn’t seem to save it.
    I will try again on the next gig and see if it works.

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    Toby – I also wanted to find out about the ability to save only certain console settings to a scene. At this stage some things can’t be saved individually. See my post and A&H’s responce here:

    If you save the input channel settings it saves channel levels, Aux levels, mutes etc and you can’t save these things independantly of each other. Would be good to see more save options added – even a save library for preferred save states?
    And scene fade times would be good – think this is already on the suggestion list.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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