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    Anyone experience with VISTA compatibility ?

    Got some clients who have XP running and problems with VISTA….

    ( Yeah yeah , the Bill Gates VISTA , not the Graham Blyhthe one )[:)]

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    Hi Jaap. Yes, the Editor ‘offline’ session is not working correctly with Vista. ‘Online’ is fine. No problems reported with XP. Our boys are looking into the Vista issue now. Will keep you posted.

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    Yeah, it’s very stable on XP for me – seems wonky in Vista. Each time I install it runs once – then hangs on the second time I try to run it. I can re-install and it’s cool again – once.

    I found a work-around – I installed onto a USB drive – and run it from there – seems very stable that way – and since it’s a nice small package it fits fine along with all my show files – makes things portable to any computer I’m working on as well.

    I’m assuming it’s something about the temp files or show files that isn’t working on Vista.

    -Bryce Larson
    Production Manager
    The Arts Center on 7

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    I had trouble with vista and have spoken to tech support to make them aware of the issue.
    However I seem to have solved the problem.
    When starting the software you need to right click and select “run as administrator”.
    This has worked fine for me, both online and offline.

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    Yes, Darren is correct [8D]
    XP is fine both online and offline. While the online Editor function works fine with Vista, the offline function does not unless the application is run as ‘administrator’. This turns off some extra security Vista has introduced which gets in the way of the Editor offline session.

    You can do this temporarily just for the Editor session you are about to run by right clicking and selecting ‘Run as administrator’ as Darren says, or permanently by turning off the UAC (User Account Control) from Control Panel / User Accounts.

    For your online sessions remember to make sure that your computer, wireless access point (if used), and iLive IP addresses are compatible, and that the ‘Accept External Ethernet Connections’ option in the UTILITY / Preferences screen is turned on.

    Hope that helps,

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    we’re out on tour with alphabeat using two ilive112’s
    so far no probs running on vista[:p]

    i even mixed some shows on the editor where my foh desk wouldn’t fit… so i left it at the stage end with the monitor board and just ran a cat5 cable to foh….one show we needed to load out real quick so i just ran it with a wireless router! bish bash bosh job’s a good ‘un! not ideal, a bit like mixing one handed….but it got the job done and gave me the sound i wanted….

    hey get this…..we did a couple of shows in europe where space was at a premium so we just brought in the monitor board…i ran a cat5 to foh and we both operated the same desk! i just loaded my channel and fx library and set up my important stuff on the bottom layer….and neither of us were aware of any interference from the other user![}:)] and the desk was doing 6 stereo in ear mixes 6 mono wedge mixes 5 fx sends and of course my stereo aux mix for foh! no falling over, no busy messages just getting the job done!

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    Bit off topic but I saw and chatted with the Alphabeat crew at the 02 I was very impressed with their wired and wireless networking of their iLive set up, it even has an old luddite like me looking for a spare wireless router in the warehouse to play with in the dark and boring days of January.
    Walking about doing the levels, EQ and delays on the system brings back happy memories. Don’t suppose there is any chance of A-symetric filters in the EQ section chaps?

    Ian B.

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    yeah asymetric filters…..hmmmm…dolby lake style like the mesa filter maybe? that’d be cool….it was myself and ben with the wireless networking stuff at o2, good fun…well you’re not going to break stuff if you don’t try are you?[}:)]

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