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Hi NZdave…to be honest these Turbosound ip2000s with the A&H Qu-16’s stock acoustic bass PEQ (tweaked slightly) setting gives me a better sound than anything I’ve used over the years for upright bass. I’ve done a few gigs over the past month using the rig. I had a percussionist on one side of a speaker with the overhead mic at ~7 feet up and only 2-3′ from the cab and it didn’t feed back. My vocal mic was directly in front of it and I was essentially standing in front of it with the bass. We had acoustic guitar, mandolin & 2 vox mics in front of the other cab and were playing “party loud” on St. Patrick’s Day in a local roadhouse pub (tight squeeze/no monitors). It worked great. Side note: I love recallable preamps! I like this rig in my studio (reduced bleed vs. conventional cabs) since we are recording as of late without headphones. I agree with Andreas regarding limitations of the rig, but most of the venues we play in require patrons to be able to carry on conversations (winery, microbrewery, etc.).