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Well, I ended up not getting an AB168. I just (today) took delivery of an AR2414. What I have is a GLD-2414 and the dealer (Sam’s Music) tells me that it is exactly the same as the QU-2414. He called the US distributor who confirmed this whilst I was in the store. They assure me that this combination works and it is the only AR2414 variant they sell.

I am having trouble patching the LR-L & LR-R outputs to the AR2414. I have the pre-LR Master Fader outputs on theAR2414 but not LR Mix after the Master Fader. Can someone please tell me exactly how to do this please.Patch Screen
What I need to do is to switch the LR Pre L & LR Pre R outputs currently located in the box on the left side of the screen (in the AR2414 section) with the LR L & LR R on the right side of the screen because I do not have an AR84 and, I do not really wish to have to buy one.

I have read the manual which says “Qu outputs can be patched to the rack sockets using the Setup / Output Patch / dSNAKE screen.” Which is not too helpful.
The YouTube tutorial is similarly vague on the subject simply stating that it can be done. I Googled this and could not find anything.