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Well, I’m sure there are other folks out there who have much deeper technical knowledge than I do, but I have been doing this for many years, so I think that counts for something.
I’d say it depends on a few factors.
Type of music you are amplifying: I do mostly rock bands, so kick drum and bass guitar are pretty important. If you can’t get the kick loud and punchy enough with a single sub, a second one might help.
How big is the room? I do mostly clubs, 100-300 patrons. To get the room filled, I’d use 2 subs. And usually I can’t couple the subs side-by-side, because of space. So they need to be at either side of the “stage”.
Some of the bands I do are pretty loud on stage, so getting enough oommmppph from the low-end requires more power than a single sub can provide (at least with my rig).
Hope that helps.