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Tested HDD drives for stereo / multitrack recording and playback:

Intenso model 6002510 USB2.0 320GB
Intenso model 6021560 USB3.0 1TB
Adata Superior SH93 500GB
Samsung M3 Portable 500GB USB3.0
WD My Passport 500GB USB3.0
WD Elements 500GB USB3.0
Seagate Backup Plus 500GB USB3.0

Maximum USB drive size (FAT32 file system limit) is 2TB.

And yes I thought the seagate back up was going to work as it had the right features as outlined in the documents provided by A&H . But it seems not to be the case.

Like I said previously I will not be relying on it , as the one time I do I will be disappointed or made to look a fool . It is a great feature for selling equipment but weather it can do the job remains to be seen. I will report back and eat my hat if necessary.