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GCumbee, let’s work out arrangements as I am certain that I need professional assistance with specific configurations plus prioritized topical training to accomplish my goals. My current audio focus is recording vocals. I experimented with onboard reverb for a few hours but could not get the effect I was trying to duplicate so rather than learning the nuances, I opted for the Bricasti M7 which is well known for having exceptional presets.

BTW, I am based in a northern suburb of Atlanta on Lake Lanier. You mentioned Nashville and if you are located there it would be great to meet sometime as I travel to Nashville frequently to work with Bridgestone and Nissan.


Bob, your point is well taken on the balanced TRS which shouldn’t be an obstacle, I just don’t have that cable/adapter combination at home right now and thought there must be a way to bring in XLR stereo.

Back in 1992, when I self-taught myself software and computing, I had specific tasks to accomplish and in the process of learning found it extremely challenging to find professional programmers who knew how to solve complex, real world problems that arose. It seemed many knew general programming concepts but could not roll up their sleeves to deliver solutions. As I look through the manual and see topic after topic that are new to me and frankly not covered in much depth, I know that I have a very steep learning curve and believe that focusing on accomplishing tasks with deadlines while learning and building knowledge on parallel concepts is once again going to be the best approach. What seems to be very different this time around is that there are experts like you who are willing to offer professional assistance.

You can’t imagine how pleased I am that you and GCumbee are providing extremely valuable solutions and insight through this forum, thank you and Happy New Year to both of you!