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The groups do not have output jacks,

I disagree (see attachment.)

If you want processing on a “group” of channels (eg you want to compress all the backing vox, or you want to add reverb to the whole drum kit, or you want a geq on all your lavs) then you need to use a group, as it actually provides an audio path and sums the channels, allowing the processing to be inserted on that signal. It also gives you some degree of level control using the group’s master fader.

A DCA on the other hand is just a remote control for a group of faders (channels and/or mixes.) Although you can’t add processing to it, as it doesn’t actually provide an audio path, adjusting the DCA master will adjust the post fader sends from the channels assigned to that DCA. Eg assuming you’ve got your BV channels feeding a reverb FX, if you pull down the backing vox DCA master you’ll get less dry vox, and this will also affect the post fader send level too, meaning you’ll also get less reverb, which doesn’t happen if you’re just using groups.

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