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What has been said previously should answer your questions. However, let me add my 2-cents’ worth, in which I probably repeat some of what has been said.

The versatility of the QU32 really requires that you read the manual thoroughly.

Sec 8.7 (Channel Routing) describes how to send one channel to the various mixes and audio groups. Mute and DCA groups are in sec 8.11.

The groups do not have output jacks, but they can be assigned to Main and Matrix outs.
For separate output of a group of channels, you must use the Mixes, which correspond to the Auxes on an analog desk.

For groups and mixes, press the Mix/Group keys beside the Master channel fade strip.Then use the channel faders to set the send level from each channel to the Group or Mix. See Sec 6.3, which also describes how to use the Pre/Post and Assign keys to set up your mixes and groups.

Yes, it’s at first a little different when moving from an analog mixer to a digital console, but the QU series has a good analog feel when in use. And let me ask you this – what analog mixer gives you 4-band fully parametric EQ, gate and compression, on all channels and outputs, plus a visual display of all these settings, a GEQ on all outputs, 4 sets of effects with a wide variety of settings, an RTA with signal generator, a visual audio spectrum display, and even an automatic mixer capability, plus multi-channel digital recording and playback? Most of these operations can also be controlled remotely with an iPad. To do what the QU24 does, you’d have to have an analog desk with at least 50 faders.

This plethora of features (and I probably missed some) comes with a learning curve, but once you get used to it, you’ll never want to go back to your old analog box.

For our small church, I was able to set up the Custom fader layer so that our operators can control all their inputs and monitors as well as 4 analog recording outputs using only the one level of faders. To them, it feels just like the old analog desk. Just be patient….