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Hi, I’m having the same problem but with a PC. We’re trying to use a Standard Windows 8.1 Laptop for basic stereo recording and playback. I’ve installed the A&H driver but am getting stuck.

For Playback I set the Default Windows Audio Device as Qu32 and play something using media player etc. It lights up on the Windows control panel but nothing seems to appear at the desk. Following the instructions I set it up by going to the routing on ST1 and changing it to USB and Selected USB B Streaming However I get an X in the St1 box. Instead I tried to use channels 1-2 and was able at least to change them to USB B. However still no audio.

For Recording I used the Setup->USB Audio screen to Change Channels 1-2 to LR-L and LR-R but nothing arrives in control panel to the QU32 Recording device.