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I imagined MikeShand’s solution with aux/groups as a workout but, even in that case it doesn’t sound as a feasible solution.
The band I work with is a high end wedding/corporate one. Digico, waves, Vdrums, everybody in ears etc… I pitched DM64 to overcome their Digico channel/processing count and aviom necessities. Plus the minuscule footprint is a big sale. However, somebody from A&H needs to agree why we should be able to pick direct out points.

Also I’m curious how 3 cards will play all together in a DM64. Do you get to chose 1 of 3 cards outputs per channel or, how does that work? Anybody?

The system will be controlled by ipads and tablet PCs. If A&H is not expecting to release a working ipad app before the new year, that’s a bit upsetting.

One more thing: They have 2x shure ULXDQ receivers. I like to know how a 48Khz Dante stream from shure will do in a 96Khz environment. Forgive my ignorance.