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    Can direct out source option be not global?
    Can I adjust post-preamp, post-eq, post-dyn per channel?

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    Nicola A&H


    The Direct Out source option is global. Can you describe the user requirement for per-channel Direct Out source selection?

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    Let’s say we have dm64 with dante card.
    1-64 input channels are for F.O.H.
    65-128 split channels with gain tracking/trim are for monitor world.

    Band has Aviom system fed via Dante. They need pre-fader feeds from channels 65-128.
    In that scenario I cannot get direct outs post-preamp for multitrack recording from the same console.

    Actually this is the scenario I don’t know what to do with a digico board in my hand.
    There is a MADI to DANTE converter(focusrite REDnet6). MAdi stream becomes dante. But Aviom needs pre-fader feeds for obvious reason.
    Maybe there is a simple solution I keep missing. I’m open to suggestions.

    The reason band uses Digico is the waves integration with soundgrid server.
    Well, since DM64 can gladly accept 3x expansion cards, I can insert a M-waves and dante cards to take care of waves and aviom requirements.

    But beyond that I’m lost.
    -dante to feed aviom(pre-fader)
    -waves for insert FX to input channels & usual AUX(send/return) FXs
    -record from direct outs of ???

    Is there any configuration that can accomplish these 3 items at the same time with only 1 console?

    Thank you.

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    Don’t you think dLive will have same option as iLive to specify recorder input point directly from socket? In this case DirectOut preference does not matter.


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    The one I hit all the time on the GLD is where you are using Aviom and someone wants some EQ (or, perish the thought, compression) applied to their Aviom channel (unlike ME, Aviom doesn’t have its own per channel EQ). Normally you want everything post preamp, so nothing FOH does messes with the Aviom feed. Note that the “obvious” trick of duplicating the channel and applying different processing doesn’t work becuase you would have to burn another scarce Aux or Group to get it out to the Aviom. If you had per channel direct out take-off points you could set this particular duplicate channel to post PEQ and all would be well.

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    I imagined MikeShand’s solution with aux/groups as a workout but, even in that case it doesn’t sound as a feasible solution.
    The band I work with is a high end wedding/corporate one. Digico, waves, Vdrums, everybody in ears etc… I pitched DM64 to overcome their Digico channel/processing count and aviom necessities. Plus the minuscule footprint is a big sale. However, somebody from A&H needs to agree why we should be able to pick direct out points.

    Also I’m curious how 3 cards will play all together in a DM64. Do you get to chose 1 of 3 cards outputs per channel or, how does that work? Anybody?

    The system will be controlled by ipads and tablet PCs. If A&H is not expecting to release a working ipad app before the new year, that’s a bit upsetting.

    One more thing: They have 2x shure ULXDQ receivers. I like to know how a 48Khz Dante stream from shure will do in a 96Khz environment. Forgive my ignorance.

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    Hi letmefix

    If you want to send input sockets post preamp to an IO card, you can simply source these IO card outputs to the Rack Input sockets (post preamp) directly. These would not be affected by direct out send point option, so you could set this to suit your other sends.

    The IO cards are all freely assignable in terms of outputs, and any input can source from any IO card. You could take channel 1 from IO card 3, channel 2 from IO card 1, etc.

    See Nicola’s comment here regarding Editor/ipad control.

    If you’re using the existing Dante card with the letterbox adapter card, the adapter contains rate conversion to/from 48 kHz.

    hope this helps

    – Jeff, A&H

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