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Thanks guys. It’s helped to hear different views,even if different to my own. It is kinda frustrating when someone changes ur mix, but if it makes them happy then i guess i should facilitate this (even if it hurts) unless it causes technical issues such as feedback etc. I do take on board what everyone has said. Cheers.
There was another thing though re the kick drum sound,i tried to get more punch from this using suggested EQ settings i read articles about like boosting at around 80-100 hz,cutting out the cardboard type low mids at around 400 hz and boosting at around 5-7 khz. But i wasn’t fully happy with it. Their guy tried adjustting this too but again no real noticeable punch. There is a lot of reflective surfaces in this old church building with no soft furnishings so the acoustic sound from the drums tends to be as loud as when amplified, i.e. if i mute the desk the kit volume doesnt seem to drop much at all. Would adding compression help get more punch (not sure what attack and release times to use to achieve this) or am i fighting a losing battle here because of the acoustics in the room. I have put a drum screen around the kit but it doesn’t seem to have much effect if any – there isn’t a roof to the screen just 5 side panels around 6 foot high??