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I have never had many problems with RFI but have seen it from time to time. My suggestions.

Try one piece of new cable that is a quad type cable with twisted pairs. Canare or Mogami makes this.

Try changing the microphone. Don’t know what you are using but have seen cases with knock off brands that are unbalanced with no transformer. Open invitation to RF.

Other obvious thing is to check XLR connectors for good shield connection. Make sure the shield is NOT soldered to the lug making the shell a ground. In the right conditions that can get into the electrical ground of the building and wreak havoc.

I have seen one situation where a console (not AH) with differential input(no xformer) picked up nearby radio station.

In my Nashville studio we had an AM station about 1/2 mile away. Generally not a problem except at times some pieces of outboard gear mainly mic pres would pickup a low signal. But only certain pieces. Most didn’t.