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“The OP clearly stated “high end” gear to get a substantial improvement, thus my recommendation of some high end speakers from FA, Meyer and Danley. While the DSR’s are nice, they are nowhere near ” high end”.”

Mr. Rees is correct, I am looking for speakers that are a substantial improvement over my Yorkvilles. I have never heard or used any of the RCF’s, but to me the Yorkvilles are in the same class as the QSC and Yamaha models listed. They all sound a bit different, but I wouldn’t consider them “high-end” in terms of sound quality. It’s like the average Chevy vs Ford sedan, but I want at least a BMW 3-series. As a side note, I really do not like the Bose Line Array type systems. They sound a bit artificial and sterile. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but they actually hurt my ears. Ear fatigue sets in pretty fast for me when I hear them. I have been to several shows where they were being used. I also tried the system out at a local Guitar Center. Not impressed in the least. If there are better systems than the ones listed above for less money, I would like to hear about those as well, but I really don’t think they exist.

Dick thanks for your suggestions. Do you have hands on experience with a particular model(s) of the brands you listed? In terms of size and portability, I would want something close to what I own today. I will do my research but was hoping you could point me in the right direction as far as the portability dept. goes.