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Frank Ocean Tour pics

2013/11/19 in On Tour

Dave McDonald has been busy this year touring iLive at FOH for Frank Ocean. The main tour is on hold at the moment but Dave recently flew out to LA for a gig at LA Coliseum when Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator and other members of Odd Future were joined by Kanye West for the Carnival extravaganza. Main PA was 3G Audio. iLive (FOH) and the stage Audio production were provided by Clair Bros. here are some pics of rehearsals at Mates LA, Black Box Berlin, and BMW HQ!!!

Dave in his 'office' at Frank Ocean rehearsals

Dave in his ‘office’ at Frank Ocean rehearsals



Modular Action

2013/07/12 in On Tour

Dave hits the gas at the Wireless Festival, Olympic Park, Stratford, London. Frank Ocean onstage.

Spot the 1.9 DSP

2013/07/12 in On Tour

Easy to see the new DSP card in the modular rack!

Soundchecking Frank Ocean at Wireless

2013/07/12 in On Tour

With Dave McDonald at Wireless Festival London Soundchecking Frank Ocean

Production is Britannia Row, Flashline.

iLive on FOH Frank Ocean Tour

2013/06/18 in On Tour

FO not dead


Just finished rehearsals in LA, now moving to Berlin to prep the system & continue rehearsals for the European tour. Mixing FOH is Dave McDonald (Adele, Air, Florence and the Machine, Portishead) on an i112 / iDR10 system. First date Munich on Jun25. Tour takes in Copenhagen Jun27, Bravalla Jun28, Moscow Jun30, Amsterdam Jul02, Paris Jul03, Norway Hove Jul04, Rock Werchter Jul06, Brixton Academy Jul09/10, Wireless [With Justin Timberlake Jay Z et al] Jul12, Dublin Phoenix Jul13, T-in-the-Park Jul14, and Laugardalshollin Iceland on Jul16. Its gonna be a bass-fest !

Hardworking in Mayfair

2013/05/31 in Site Visit

Spent the evening with Dave McDonald (Portishead, Air,Florence and the Machine, Adele) at his residency in London’s Mayfair Arts Club before he heads out to LA to start rehearsals on the Frank Ocean Tour which Dave will mix FOH on his favourite iLive modular 112 surface and iDR10 rack.
Arts Club has live bands 4 nights a week and Dave has a slick regime is in place providing up to 8 stereo ears mixes plus 6 wedges and the FOH mix to the nice L’Acoustics rig. Visiting musicians are handed complete in-ears packs as required, by Jon Lewis, able house technician. Inputs are split with’FOH’ channels in bank 1 and Mons clone on bank 2 to allow for independent processing.
Jon recently did a fly-in gig in Azerbaijan with some of the regulars (top session freelancers who work with the top acts in the business) only to discover the house console was a T112/48! home from home! In his absence, the Arts Club staff can fire up the PA and run basic control from a PL10 leaving the surface covered up and ‘safe’ from enthusiastic fingers!

As expected the sound was tight and expensive-sounding! Musicians often remark on how good the onstage sound is as they get to know and respect iLive! They do many regular TV shows and gigs and are exposed to typical systems and many digital consoles. The A&H concept of keeping it simple, and an easy work-flow seems to doing the job.