USB and Qu-Drive improvements in Qu V1.3

2014/02/18 in General News

Several users had requested the ability to record more than one FX return on Qu-Drive, or a different combination of Inputs and Mixes altogether. Firmware V1.3 introduces a soft USB patchbay for this use. This is how it looks like on a Qu-24:

Qu24 Setup Patch USB Audio

We have also made improvements to Qu-Drive file compatibility. Broadcast Wave (BWF) files are now supported, as are WAV64 files and generally WAV files with non standard headers. This should ensure that WAV files rendered / exported / consolidated with popular DAWs such as ProTools can be played back on Qu-Drive, provided they have valid sample rate and bit depth (44.1 or 48kHz, 16 or 24-bit for stereo playback; 48kHz 24-bit for multitrack).

Selecting an invalid file will now display ‘Unsupported file’ and disable the Play and Stop transport buttons.

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